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Sublimation printing is a technique that works by heating ink and then depositing it on a surface. The term derives from the misconception that ink goes from solid to gas without going through a liquid phase or sublimation. Thermosublimation printers are used to print images and designs on solid objects, such as gaming pads.

Thermosublimation printers use a special coating instead of black with other standard ink colors, so sublimation uses a CMYO (cyan, magenta, yellow, overcoating) system. The inks are deposited on the surface one color at a time. Thermosublimation printers produce continuous shades compared to inkjet printers, where shades can vary from spread to spread. This makes the reproduction of photos on thermosublimation printers much more accurate than on, for example, inkjet printers.

If you want a pad to be made in a particular technique, choose the model you are interested in and send us your visualization!

Method of manufacture Sublimation
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