Digital printing

Digital printing

Digital printing is a printing technique that uses digital or electronic files from a selected storage device as a source. Digital printing does not rely on a pressure plate to transfer the image, and does not require any mounting sheets. Digital printing is a kind of substitute for lithography because of its low production costs.

Digital printing uses a raster image that is sent directly to the printer using digital files and graphics programs. Unlike other printing processes, the toner does not penetrate the substrate. The toner forms a thin layer on the surface and, with the help of a fixing fluid as part of the thermal or UV curing process, can be used to adhere to the surface.

This is an excellent option for on-demand printing or any printing that requires a shorter turnaround time.

If you would like to have a pad made using a particular technique, select the model you are interested in and send us your visualization!

Method of execution digital printing
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