What is a gel mouse pad?

This is a mouse pad with a specially profiled gel insert in the wrist place. The support eliminates pressure on the nerves and blood vessels of the hands, ensuring convenience during long hours at the computer.

When you buy our mouse pad with the individual overprint of your company, you get a practical, durable product that can be used for a long time for the relatively small price of a few euros.

Why our product?

The soft-touch gel provides comfortable wrist support.

The most ergonomic product on the market of advertising pads.

The correct positioning of the hand on the pad eliminates the feeling of fatigue and pain in the hand.

The gel remains pleasantly cool, despite prolonged contact with the skin.

On the wind there is a smooth polyester suitable for all types of computer mouse.

The non-slip bottom of the pad effectively prevents it from moving around the desk.

The use of an ergonomic mouse pad plays a very important role in the prevention of carpal tunnel syndrome, as well as other diseases of the upper limbs resulting from long-term work at the computer.

Structure of a gel mouse pad

Basic colours of the pads

GMP 00 – white

GMP 01 – grey

GMP 02 – black

GMP 03 – navy blue

GMP 04 – blue      

GMP 05 – red

        GMP 06 – green


Colour variant - gradient

From navy blue to blue

From burgundy to red

From black to grey


Imprinting methods for gel pads


DTF - Digital transfer full color

Sublimation on special coating

Sublimation - directly (only white)

Packing methods

Standard – a foil bag

Blister with white backs

Blister with individual backs


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