3 in 1 mouse pad

This is a product that combines the features of a mouse pad, a universal cleaner and a monitor protector. This product is also called a travel mousepad, because it is ideal for traveling. The mousepad can also be placed on the keyboard of a laptop computer before closing it, this way when you remove the computer you have a mousepad ready to use right away.

The mouse pad is very lightweight, so you can send it to the recipient in a regular envelope. This feature is an important advantage of this product for many recipients.

Why our product?

Full colour print on the entire surface of the pad

Reproduction of even the most complex pattern or motif

Intense colour saturation

Long-lasting print

Display protector


Structure of 3 in 1 pads

Imprinting methods for 3 in 1 pads


Packing methods

Unit - polybag and cardboard insert

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