Types of pads

  • 1

    Gel pad

    This is a mouse pad with a specially contoured gel insert in the wrist area. The pad levels the pressure on the nerves and blood vessels of the hand, providing comfort and convenience during long hours of work at the computer.

  • 2

    Sublimation pad

    Sublimation mouse pads are a frequently chosen promotional gadget. The sublimation mouse pad is characterized by the possibility of printing in full color on the entire surface of the mouse pad. Thus, it allows you to reproduce any even the most complex pattern or motif.

  • 3

    Sponge pad

    Full personalization of the product and any color. Sublimation marking on the entire surface of the pad, including the wrist rest.

  • 4

    PVC pad

    The two-layer welded mouse pads consist of 0.3 mm clear PVC mottled film and 1.2 mm gray PVC non-slip foam - the maximum size is 650 x 480 mm.

  • 5

    Calendar pad

    Calendar mouse pads are a popular office gadget. Each pad has 12 individually printed calendar pages. There is an option to add a 13th card, the so-called title page, usually placed at the end (it remains after removing the entire calendar).

  • 6

    Gaming pad

    We offer full color printing on the entire surface of the mousepad. The product is available in several sizes and shapes, including large gaming mousepads.

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