What is a sponge mouse pad?

Fully personalized product, every printing color possible. Marking by sublimation on the entire surface of the pad, also on the wrist rest.

They are available in two shapes oval - SMP, SMP+ and rectangular SMP rec, SMP+rec.

SMP+ and SMP+ rec - pads are thickened with an additional rubber bottom layer.

Why our product?

Imprint on the wrist rest

Full product personalization and any color

The correct positioning of the hand on the pad eliminates the feeling of fatigue and pain in the hand

Ergonomic shape

Support made of sponge

The non-slip bottom of the pad effectively prevents it from moving around the desk.

Structure of a sponge mouse pad

Imprinting methods for sponge pads

Sublimation on the entire surface of the pad (on the wrist support too)

Packing methods

Unit - polybag

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