23 cm


18 cm


0.5 cm

Structure of the sublimation pad - round

PVC film
PE foam
Top layer: 0.3mm thick printed PVC mottled film not only protects the print, but also adds elegance and texture. Thanks to the film, mouse movements are smooth and precise.

Printing: Offset CMYK on the inside of the film offers high quality graphics without the risk of blurring during use. The white applique under the print significantly boosts the intensity and purity of the colors, making the graphics vivid and crisp.

Inner layer: the universal calendar consists of 12 pages made of 80 gr/m2 paper, which ensures the solidity of each page and ease of tearing.

Backing layer: 2 mm thick white or dark gray PE foam forms the base of the pad. Its non-slip properties provide stability and comfort with the mouse.

Dimensions: the exact dimensions of the pad are 230 x 180 mm, which gives enough space both for the mouse and for comfortable use of the calendar. On the other hand, the size of the calendar cards is 230 x 160 mm, perfectly matching the layout of the pad.

Finishing and construction: die-cutting guarantees clean edges and precise shape for each piece. The personalization offered allows you to customize the look of the coaster, whether by adding a company logo or a special color palette.

This carefully designed product combines aesthetics with practicality, making any desk more organized and personal.

Why choose this product?

Full color print

Reproduction of even the most complex pattern or motif

Intense color saturation

Long-lasting print

Calendar function

Flexible and provides excellent mouse movement

Printing methods for calendar pads

model K1

Each of the 12 printed cards is a separate page with an advertisement of your company.

Model without foil printing.

K2 model

The pad has a personalized advertising imprint on the inside of the top layer – PVC film.

Packaging methods

Bulk packaging